Monday, August 23, 2010

A special bridge of healing...

I leave this week for Cameroon - of course this starts with spending quite a few hours sitting in airports & airplanes to get to Douala (I think it is 30!) - an overnight at Padre Pio Clinic and the next day a rather long drive to Njinikom in the Northwest - to St. Martin de Porres Hospital.

So, I began taking malaria prophylaxis, packing my bags which will include some medical reference books requested by Jim and some Tupperware requested by Terry Hake, and a bag of Peanut M&M's - the required take along for mission visitation!

I am really looking forward to this trip. I will meet with the Archbishop of Bamenda and the Bishop of Kumbo. I will have the opportunity to visit our overachieving bloggers Jim and Terry who recently began their three-year assignment and Dr. Bill Walsh who will be completing a one month surgical mission. I will also see my old friend, Sr. Xaveria Ntenmusi, hospital matron. Sr. Xaveria and I have been communicating since the 1980's when she was at Shisong Hospital and other mission doctors were serving there.

Without the hard work and dedication of Sr. Xaveria, St. Martin De Porres would not be able to invite our doctors and other doctors from around the world to provide life saving medical care and the necessary training for local staff.

Sr. Xaveria is just one of our partners in Africa and Latin America. It is this partnership, working with the local community to build sustainable health care that makes our organization and the selfless work of our doctors possible.

Partners here that support, and partners there who receive - a special bridge of healing!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finding Ways to Connect...

There is a new website I just signed up for – and I wanted to invite others to visit and consider being among the first to join.

It is called iCatholic, is part of CatholicTV – a brand new Catholic social networking site, their goal is to provide a place to;

·Connect with fellow Catholics

·Share your Faith and inspire others

·Be an active part of The CatholicTV Network

·Provide ideas and content for the iCatholic digital magazine

I set up a page for Mission Doctors, added a few photos, and videos. Take a look and let me know what you think!

What a wonderful idea, and a fantastic way to help more Catholics know about what others are doing around the world to live their faith!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Living for Others

When preparing to speak at all the Masses at St. Pancratius in Lakewood, I scoured resources and reflections on Sunday’s readings.
I came across a link from St. Louis University, that while I didn’t share it directly, it did impact the way I looked at what I was there to speak about – Mission Doctors and their families are truly ‘people for others’

“…our relation to God is a new life in ‘existence for others,’ through participation in the being of Jesus... the ‘man for others,’ and therefore the crucified, the man who lives out of the transcendent” (D. Bonhoeffer).

The sacrifices made by doctors who leave the comforts of friends, family and a practice in familiar surroundings; availability to necessary medications and knowing that they have additional treatment options… they leave behind these reassuring personal and professional connections, to practice medicine in resource poor settings, because they are called – because they are sent.

Their relationship to God is a new life truly lived in ‘existence for others’.