Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Growing Blog Family

Over the last two years we have been creating and maintaining blogs for our long term mission doctors, those committing to a service of three years at a mission hospital or clinic in Africa or Latin America. Recently, we started working with our short term doctors to help them share their experience this same way. 

This week I wanted to share some of these blogs with you. I invite you to take a few minutes and visit these, they are filled with the ups and downs of service, inspirational patient stories and some funny reflections on their days. You can sign up to follow these blogs and you will know when something new has been added. 

Dr. Jim Hake, a family practice physician and his wife, Terry Hake, are long term mission doctors. They share their experiences serving at St. Martin De Porres Catholic Hospital in rural Ninjinkom, Cameroon. 

Burket Thoene Family Mission: 
Drs. Jennifer Thoene and Brent Burket write about their time serving with their four young children at a Hospitalito, Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. 

A Step Along the Way: 
After returning from his most recent long term mission in Zimbabwe, Dr. Richard Stoughton discusses the progresses made at St. Theresa Hospital and his annual month long trips. 

Santa Monica pediatrician and former Mission Doctors board president, Dr. Edward Malphus documents his time serving at St. Martin De Porres Catholic Hospital in Cameroon. 

Maria and Milans Mission: 
A new blog written by a mother and son will share their first mission with Mission Doctors Association. We are espeically looking forward to son Milan's experience adjusting to life in rural Cameroon. 

Dr. Timothy Cavanagh, a long time board member and veteran mission doctor just started another short term mission to Cameroon. He will continue to share about his experience living and serving at St. Martin De Porres in South West Cameroon.