Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrations, Dancing, Working Together for the Mission…

One of the great highlights of visiting the missions is the celebrations. The community often comes together to greet us as we arrive and say good bye when we are preparing to leave, even for a brief visit.

This week in the North East of Cameroon they celebrate National Youth Day. Terry Hake’s class, the entire school, and all young people across the country take time away from class (although I know one math teacher who may think more time in class is called for) and celebrate this national holiday together!

We are getting ready for our annual celebration and while not a national holiday, the Mission Doctors Auxiliary is once again hosting the Gala Benefit. This year on February 19, we will be ‘Celebrating the Mission, Creating the Possible’ at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles.

It is important to celebrate and this year we will honor a couple who
have done so much for the work of MDA. Dr. Ed and Mrs. Mary Lou Malphus have been involved for many years in this work and we will thank them for their commitment and service. Dr. Malphus, outgoing president of the board of MDA will also be the recipient of the Msgr. Anthony Brouwers Award.

So we celebrate! There will be dinner and dancing, working together for the mission. We are gathering to ensure that we will be able to continue to make it possible for doctors like Jim Hake to serve and dance in the missions. Visit this YouTube video that I took while visiting the Hakes in Cameroon he is just back from an emergency at the hospital and joins in the dance!

If you can join us, please contact our office, tickets are still available!