Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bambelela / Never Give Up

A weekend spent at the Religious Ed Congress in Anaheim with 40,000 Catholics is something that I have head referred to as the ‘Catholic County Fair’!

The spirit of the event is busy, beautiful, tiring, and blessed!

My role for the weekend was once again to represent Mission Doctors Association at a booth, and specifically the One Million Patient Project. We gave out hundreds of fliers describing the T-Shirt design contest that ends April 30 – and invited people to sign up to receive the packet for High Schools, Youth Ministries, Confirmation, etc. We had many sign up and Jessica is working on getting these out today!

As we were packing up in the rain on Sunday I still found myself singing Bambelela from the Mass on Friday with Fr. Martin and Marty Haugen leading the music. Never Give Up is a strong message as it related to the people of South Africa and their struggles toward independence, but it is a message that resounds for all people all the time.

The middle of Lent can be a time when we can feel like throwing in the towel on our sacrificing, we can become weary with the season – so this may be why even now on Tuesday a.m. I am singing ‘Never Give Up’ as I face a desk covered with more projects than I have hours!

So… Bambelela – Never Give Up! Take heart – we are on the journey together!

(Bambelela by Marty Haugen is available on ITunes)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prayer, Fasting and Good Works

Perhaps it is being on the other side of 55 - or the result of a busy job and family life, but Ash Wednesday - even though 'late' in the year really feels like it suddenly appeared on the calendar. The wisdom of celebrating seasons in the Church!

Years ago I taught a 3rd grade RE class and we made Lent books for all the students. For each day there were three lines - Prayer, Fasting and Good Works. I think I need to be a third grader again so I can make myself really focus on the daily consideration of Prayer, Fasting and Good Works this Lent again ..... Maybe I will try to use the blog this way?

Today, Ash Wednesday Prayer - 6:30 a.m. Mass on the way to work. Fasting and Good Works - (accomplish two with the effort of one) No yummy soy latte from the shop downstairs, that I confess I indulge in from time to time - and take that $5 and make an on line donation to the One Million Patients Project. Done.

OK, one day down...the rest of Lent to go...

Take a moment and share what you are planning on doing for Lent.