Monday, April 25, 2011


My husband and I attended sunrise Easter Mass at San Gabriel Mission – a parish that was established as part of the California Missions in 1771. 

As I reflect on the meaning of Easter I am reminded that Christ came and is risen, not only for the peoples who have celebrated here for more than 200 years – but for all people in all time; those who came before and those yet to be born;  for all people in all places; those in Africa, Asia and Latin America.   In your resurrection, O Christ, let heaven and all the earth rejoice!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Holy Week for the Whole World

One of the great joys of being in the missions is the opportunity to celebrate our Catholic celebrations with both the familiar and the new. Everything from a 5 hour Chrism Mass with offertory gifts that include chickens and goats in Cameroon to the elaborate, beautiful and temporary decorations on the plaza in front of the Church in Guatemala.
Offertory Procession at Chrism Mass in Cameroon

“alfombras” or carpets made of 
colored saw dust in Guatemal
In parishes around the world our Holy Week celebrates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus whose suffering and death was indeed for the whole world.

Every Eucharist is the opportunity to re-live the last supper. Holy Thursday also reminds, with the washing of the feet, that we are all called to be servants; called to share our very lives with each other.

On the Friday we call good we find ourselves again on the path and at the foot of the cross. How is it that the creator of universes embraces our humanity even to suffering this seemingly ignoble death?

The answer is always that we may be redeemed, that we may live, that we may serve, that we will love as Christ has shown us. We too are called to give our lives to others.

Today, Mission Doctors and their families are doing just that. They serve that others may live.
Please keep them and their families in your prayers this Holy Week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joy, Connections, Excitement, and Anticipation

The 2011 Retreat / Seminar at Loyola Marymount has come and gone… but the feelings of joy, connections, excitement, and anticipation lingers!

This was the 14th year we have hosted this event for doctors and their spouses considering
short-term service and we brought together surgeons from Pennsylvania and Alaska; a Cardiologist from Michigan; Family Practice from Arizona; and our California representation included dentists, family practice docs, an ophthalmologist, physical therapist, psychiatrist, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, pediatricians, as well as spouses with as varied background as attorney, potter, pilot and writer.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the presentation of Dr. Joseph Llewellyn of Palmer, AK, who had attended the retreat for the first in 2010, and who served at Njinikom, Cameroon at St. Martin de Porres Hospital in the fall. He made a presentation this year on “Thoughts From a First‐Timer”. Dr. Ed Malphus who will be leaving to serve in Cameroon for a month in May told me that Dr. Llewellyn’s presentation had been exactly what he needed for his upcoming one month mission to the same hospital.

So – now the planning begins, those attending are already making their plans to serve, interest in sites from Guatemala to Cameroon over the next year.

Next year will be our 15th Annual Retreat / Seminar – and we are already making plans and taking reservations for 2012! If you are, or know, a Catholic Doctor interested in learning about the possibilities, we would love to hear from you.