Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being thankful is being joyful

I continue to believe that gratitude is at the heart of everything that moves us to good.

When I am grateful I value what I have.
When I am grateful I recognize that others are less fortunate.
When I am grateful I feel compelled to share what I have.

I believe that when I am grateful I am also filled with joy.
Joy and gratitude seem to be in an unending Mobius loop - if I am grateful I am joyful / if I am joyful I am grateful - And this is because joy is, to me, greater than being happy or content.  Joy is when - at my core - I experience true gratitude.  That feeling that wells up from my center, viewing my life in its entirety the good and the challenges with real gratitude.  Grateful for my very life.  It is conversely true for me that if I obsess on what might be missing or is difficult - I lose sight of gratitude and joy can seep away.  

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. One day to gather and be Thankful.

I am thankful for so many things - my wonderful family, the unique opportunity I have to be involved in the mission ad gentes of our Faith with both Mission Doctors and Lay Mission-Helpers, my health, living free to practice my faith and so much more.

For a Thanksgiving holiday I remember the three we celebrated in Thailand -  I think of all the missionaries who, this year, will be finding ways to bring and celebrate this tradition around the world.  There may not be all the traditional food, and they will be missing family and friends, as their family will be missing them - but they will gather - celebrate and be thankful.

Pope Francis has shared something special - the Joy of the Gospel - challenging all of us to let the joyful message of the Gospel move us - so this Thanksgiving I am very thankful also for Pope Francis - I am grateful for our Holy Father and his call for all of us to live joyful lives that move us to act... moves us to share the joy of the Gospel.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon Hayian

The devastation, the catastrophic loss of life and the suffering are impossible for us to imagine, even in our world with such extensive and immediate media coverage. The people of the Philippines need our prayers and our support now.

When disasters like this strike, our office often receives calls and emails from generous people around the country wanting to know how they can help.

Our goal at Mission Doctors is to build sustainable healthcare in rural communities around the world, so in emergency situations like this we encourage people to support the work of CRS, Catholic Relief Services.

Personally, I have seen their amazing work first handed when I served in Thailand with my husband and children.  They were the first to respond during an emergency and stayed until their services were no longer needed – and they always served with loved. My husband and I are supporting  Catholic Relief Services' work and encourage everyone to join us - visiting their website

Sadly as the death toll climbs every hour, please join us also in praying for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, for those who have lost their lives, for their loved ones, for communities.  May their faith give them strength, may they, through us, know how much our heavenly Father loves them.