Friday, October 23, 2015

Sometimes in our lives we are fortunate enough to meet a saint, then there are days when you can meet two!

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles White Mass (named for the white coats worn by health professionals) is co-sponsored by the Archdiocese Department of Health Affairs and Mission Doctors Association and takes place near the feast of St Luke each year.

This year Bishop Clark was the main celebrant and he offered a moving homily on how service can transform a life. Two of the other celebrants were also the recipients of Mission Doctors Catholic Doctor of the Year award, and I only wish everyone could have spent time with them.

Fr. Jack MacCarthy. MD and Fr. Maurice Schroeider, MD are priest physicians who have served together for 30 years in the Amazon Basin of Peru caring for the indigenous people in 100 villages up and down the Napo river.  We heard story after story of faith and healing, we laughed, we were moved, I was overwhelmed by the humility and dedication of these two men... In their eyes I think I can see a wish that this was the first day and thirty years lay ahead of them... Yet they are not done,  Padre Jack is making plans to return to Peru in January, and Padre Moe has a full schedule in Ottawa to strive to make Santa Clotilde Hospital self sustaining

You can read more about them and the award on the Tidings page.
Fr. Jack and Fr. Mo receiving the Catholic Doctor of the Year Awards