Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day

Love.  Dedication. Hardworking. (A bit goofy).  Poet.

These are the words I think of when I think of my own father. He was hard working grocery store manager, a dedicated husband, and veteran of WWII - a bit of a show off - with the heart of a poet.

Fathers around the world like my father, George, support their families, care for their children and give everything they have for their families and spouses.  They sacrifice much to ensure that their children will be able to achieve to their abilities.

Dr. Brian Medernach, a mission doctor serving in Peru, and a father to young Charlie, wrote a beautiful blog post for Father’s day that I want to share.

All Mission Doctors sacrifice their efforts, their time, resources and comfort.  This Father's Day please join me in remembering and holding up in prayer our Mission Doctor fathers who have served, and who are serving around the world today.  May our loving Father be their strength, may St. Joseph be their model, and may they be rewarded for all they do for their children.

PS - In the Newsletter that will be coming out in July 1st - I invite you to read another article by Brian about the tremendous dedication of a father on the Napo river who paddled 6 hours to bring his critically ill son to Santa Clotilde Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

Global Day of Parents

Today, June 1, is the Global Day of Parents.

The United Nations set aside this day in 2012 to recognized and honor parents around the world.

When I first heard about this holiday I immediately thought about the parents I visit when I travel for Mission Doctors.  Both the Mission Doctors who are parents themselves, and the parents I meet sitting at the bedside of a child in a hospital.

Sacrifice is the universal language of parenthood – not a sacrifice the is laden with obligation but sacrifice filled with joy. It doesn’t make it easy to get up with an infant who hasn’t slept well for a week but when gazing at the sleeping child most mothers will say their (sleepy) hearts fill to overflowing.

Every parent wants the same thing for their child.  We want our children to be happy, to be health, to reach their potential.

Circumstances make this very hard for so many.  For the parents waking today in a refugee camp; for those who lack a permanent home; for parents who aren’t sure if they will be able to feed their children today – or if their child will survive the night….

My children and grandchildren are well. I am grateful.

My prayer is that all parents everywhere will have the opportunity to share this joy.