Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Being a mom of four and now a ‘nene’ to a beautiful granddaughter – the role of a mother is something I certainly understand.

Seeing the moms in the places where our doctors work, the tender care they give their children, as we do ours, is just one more bridge to the reality that we are one family.

Today there are women, who have received care during a difficult delivery, who are able to bring a well child home in Africa and Latin America because of Mission Doctors.

Today there are children who haven’t joined the ranks of the HIV orphans because Mission Doctors are serving.

And…Today there are Mission Doctors and their families making sacrifices to make all this possible.

When I visit the hospitals where our doctors and their families are serving this connection – mom to
mom – is always so easy to make.  As a newborn is held up for an admiring visitor, or a story is shared of how they have come to be here, making a long and arduous journey  – they tell me how much they appreciate the care their children have received.. and I see the gratitude in their eyes, and as a mother, I understand, we are one family.